Sisters who came to do their academic studies in Mysore stayed in college hostels till 1996. After seeing the situations in the hostels and perceiving the conducive atmosphere and educational facilities available in Mysore, Mother Elizabeth Packumala thought of purchasing a suitable house. Sr. Mary Varickamackal, the then Economer General came forward to help out Mother in that situation. The house was purchased and it was blessed on 28th September 1996 by Bishop Joseph Roy of Mysore. Thus the Ferrando Niketan Study House came into existence. Srs. Lisy George and Marina Thomas were the pioneers. Then onwards student sisters from all the  provinces started staying in this house to do their studies in close by colleges esp. St. Philomena’s College. Besides their studies sisters actively participated in the parish activities by joining the choir. On week days priests from SVD community, Catholic centre and St. Mary’s community offer Holy Mass in the convent. They are ever ready to render any spiritual help to the sisters. 

In 2002 with the partition of the Andhra Region into two independent provinces, this house came under Bangalore Province. In 2007 while Sr. Alice George was the Superior of the community a play school was run only for a year. Since 2010 it has been the centre for Social activities (Roshni) under the leadership of Sr. Lisy George. Sisters visit the slums and the families and cater to the needs of women, girls and children who are economically backward. Children and girls from poor and difficult situations are rescued and given shelter and education.

Ferrando Children’s Home
Parasayana Hundi, Mananthavadi Road
Sreerampura Post, Mysuru- 570008
1.    Sr. Lisy George
2.    Sr. Metilda Xalxa
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